Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Process Sampling Application

SortFlow IO improves upon the MRF sampling process and equipment performance testing. It allows you to:

– Record waste samples more efficiently and reliably
– Produce reports effortlessly to stay compliant
– Get a better understanding of your material with advanced analytics

MRF Sampling Application

Record samples efficiently

Record samples quickly and reliably through our intuitive User Interface. Make inputting figures into spreadsheets a thing of the past.

SortFlow IO can be accessed on any connected device: computer, tablet and smart phone.

MRF Sampling Application
MRF Sampling Application

Analyse your sampling data

SortFlow IO dashboard helps you analyse your flows of input and output materials for your MRF process. It gives you access to filtering options and graphical representations that makes interpreting MRF sample data much more efficient.

Produce reports easily

SortFlow IO allows you to produce internal and external reports quickly and easily. You can export your MRF sampling data in a format compliant with the Environmental Agency requirements (Excel spreadsheet) making it very easy for an operation to stay compliant.

MRF Sampling Application
MRF Sampling Application

Improve performance testing

SortFlow IO is the ideal companion for MRF process and plant equipment performance testing. Thanks to its shared access and protected data, you can put in place reliable performance testing procedures.

Design your recycling process

MRF Sampling Application

Whether you operate a single or multiple waste processing facilities or you are investing in a new project, SortFlow makes the design and modelling process easy and intuitive.

Optimise your operations

MRF Sampling Application

SortFlow enables you to efficiently run simulations of your sorting process based on different input material configurations and operational scenarios.

Identify bottlenecks, equipment utilization as well as perform technical and commercial evaluations.

Build business cases

MRF Sampling Application

Establish your plant OPEX, CAPEX and Revenues to build comprehensive business cases for new infrastructure projects and plant upgrade projects. Develop financial forecasts for your plant using SortFlow built-in pricing data.

Expert advice & support

MRF Sampling Application

The SortFlow team brings years of industry experience to assist you with plant design and optimisation.

We also offer services to model your existing plants, make process upgrade recommendations and build comprehensive business cases for your new projects.

Discover how SortFlow IO can help you with your sampling and performance testing procedures

Key product features

SortFlow provides you with effective tools to get the most out of your recycling process.

MRF Sampling Application


Record samples quickly and reliably.

MRF Sampling Application


Gain better material insight and follow trends.

MRF Sampling Application


Produce internal and external reports quickly and reliably.