Our mission

Our mission is to reduce the environmental impact of waste by facilitating the design, optimisation and operation of waste recovery and recycling operations.

Our company is committed to bring our customers unique and innovative software solutions to help them process their waste and recycle more efficiently.

The SortFlow software suite brings a variety of unique and innovative tools to the Waste & Recycling industry; including universal live digital twin, process design and performance modelling and waste auditing applications.


CompanyOur vision is to develop SortFlow to help industry professionals improve productivity and efficiency of recycling operations through software technology.Company

Luc Mallinger

CEO Sortflow

Management Team


Luc Mallinger

Founder & CEO

  • Over 12 years of professional experience in the Waste Management & Recycling Industry
  • Designed and commercialised waste recovery and recycling solutions internationally at Pellenc ST and Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions
  • Delivered projects for leading industry players in the UK and Europe including Veolia, Suez and Viridor

Dan Gershony


  • Over 20 years of software development experience
  • Former CTO of Stratis (crypto currency company)
  • Delivered projects for companies such as Microsoft, Fujitsu and TalkTalk

Martyn Ashby

Project Manager

  • Over 20 years of experience working in high-tech equipment manufacturing industries
  • Managed international customer support operations for an equipment supplier in the recycling industry
  • Marketing and business development of industrial support services in Europe and North America